Ppstest check

I have a Sterolabs ZED BOX con Nvidia Jetson Orin NX 16GB.
My GPS device’s pathname is /dev/ttyACM0.In fact, I add it in /etc/default/gpsd to the DEVICES string and so gpsd go on.
When I run this comman line ‘ppstest /dev/ttyACM0’, I have an error:

cannot create a PPS source from device “/dev/ttyACM0” (Operation not supported)
How I do?

Thanks in advance,

I can’t answer, I don’t have experience with PPS setup. I can tell you though that “operation not supported” implies the driver does not like whatever you were telling it to do (probably there was an IOCTL call dependent upon a particular protocol that another driver might understand). I won’t be able to answer, but I suggest you add more detail about how you are setting up PPM, e.g., software used and setup of that software. Lots of ZED cameras used in Jetsons, but I’ve only seen PPM related to GPS.

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