PREEMPT-RT Jetson nano fail

I have been attempting to apply the PREEMPT-RT patch to my Jetson nano by following the steps layed out by ajcalderont here: PREEMPT-RT patches for Jetson Nano - #10 by ajcalderont
Unfortunately however i can not make work.
initially it boots up fine, and i can choose language, keyboard etc. But after that it keeps getting stuck on:
[ OK ] Starting update UTMP System Runlevel Changes.

a few steps before that something failes:
[FAILED] Failed to start nvpmodel service.

Dose anyone have an idear of what i am doing wrong?

What JetPack version are you using?

before i wa using jetpack 3.9, but i made it work using the guide provided here:

and jetpack 4.5

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Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

No worries, I no longer need support. As mentioned in my previous comment I made it work with a different guide and a newer version of jetpack

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