Jetson Nano with PREEMPT-RT timer frequency changed after reboot

I recently setup my jetson nano with PREEMPT-RT following the guide here:

at first it worked fine, but after i rebooted the system the timer frequency had changed from the original 1000 Hz to 250Hz.
i get the time frequency with:

zcat /proc/config.gz |grep CONFIG_HZ

How can i change it back and ensure it dose not change on me again?

Hello @fnoefen

I am moving your topic to the Jetsn forums for better visibility.


what L4T is in use? Is it 32.5 as shown in the link you posted?
Can you try the latest 32.7.3?

I am in no way an expert when it comes to compiling kernels, thus i followed the posted guide exactly and with the same L4T version. Would the steps be the same with 32.7.3 or any newer versions?
Also it would be preferable if i did not have to rebuild the kernel again, and could instead fix or ad least figure out why the the issue happened .


I believe steps should be the same across r32.x.
If it has been fixed in the latest release, then updating should be reasonable, and that’s why we usually recommend using the newest L4T/JetPack.

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