Apply realtime kernel without reflashing

I applied real-time kernel patches on our kernel image using the method described in this thread:

Now I’d like to update our devices that are already at customers and we are not able to reflash the jetsons. Is it possible to apply these changes on a system that was running a non-realtime kernel before?
What do I need to run or replace? I guess replacing only the kernel image “Image”-file is not enough, since modules have been changed, too.

What steps do I need to do?

I am running Jetpack 4.5 on Jetson NANO.

YES, replace both kernel under /boot/ and kernel modules under /lib/modules/.

So I just tar and untar /lib/modules from one rootfs to the other or is there a better way?

I think that may be feasible but remember to take care of permission issues.
Or consider some other tools like rsync.

It seemed like it worked.

Just to be sure:
What does really do? Since it is in the above manual, but I did not run it on the jetson I updated.

It populates kernel image/modules/device trees, and some other shared libraries and Debian packages from NVIDIA.
It only needs to be run once on the host PC, so you don’t need to care about whether it’s done on your Jetson device.

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