Prevent Cuda 10.0 from upgrading to 10.1 at install


I’m using local .deb option to install 10.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. Every single time it installs as 10.1. I’m not even using update/upgrade. How do I prevent this?

sudo apt-get install cuda-10-0

that doesn’t work either; “unable to locate package cuda-10-0” :(

are you using the cuda 10.0 local deb?

edit2: Figured out where I went wrong. Hadn’t properly cleared previous installs. Following the local deb instructions, Cuda 10.0 install works. Also had to restart, then change PATH. Thanks for help!

edit: i got your earlier command to partially work (sudo apt-get install cuda-10-0) but only when the nvidia driver was not yet installed. however, it still installed version 10.1 instead of 10

I had been earlier, yes. the .run wasn’t quite it either; the toolkit installed but the driver didn’t. it suggested

sudo .run -silent -driver

didn’t work either