problem about [ConnectX-4 Lx] card after upgrading


I have a Dell R530 server, and I update the latest ConnectX-4 Lx firmware with OEM BIN file downloaed from Dell support web site.

I also installed the OFED downed from Mellanox, which is MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.1-

I reboot the system, and try the OFED stack with ib_send_bw which prints out some error message as follows:

the os I have is CentOS 7.4. I have spend some time on this problem, but get no hints. I may want to ask and get some help here.

thanks in advance.

Hi Hui,

If you noticed, the port state is down and the physical state is disabled.

Where does that HCA plugs into?

What cable is in use? (Validate that the cable in use is compatible).

If you have the MFT package installed (latest), you can validate with:

#mst start

#mst cable add


Or from the switch if the HCA connects to it.

If the HCA connects to a switch, using the same cable (assuming compatible), proceed with a loop back connection from port 1 to port 2 and check if the link comes up.

If the link comes up, proceed with the same test but this time between two ports from the switch and validate the link comes up.

You can also review the /var/log/messages for any errors/warnings and/or anomalies.


Hi Sophie,

The card was installed in the third PCIe slot. The cable was 10Gbps. Yesterday, one of my co-worker replaced the 10Gbps one with the 25Gbps cable, then things become to work. It seems the switch has configured with 25Gbps cable. I didn’t know too much about switch, so I do not touch this side.


ConnectX4-LX is ethernet only.

if it was a VPI card we can change the port type with the mlxconfig tool and not the /sbin/connectx_port_config script

Hello, Hui,

did you try to contact Dell support?

Also, do note (based on the screen capture above) that the card is at Ethernet mode. If you need InfiniBand support, you need to change the port type to IB.

You will need to install MFT (or in case you have MOFED it is already there) and use: /sbin/connectx_port_config

Cheers; hope it helped…