Problem displaying raw12 with gstreamer and nvarguscamerasrc


Can nvarguscamerasrc handle bayer 12 bits data?

I’m asking because I’m currently using a bayer that can output both 10 bits and 12 bits images. When using its 10 bits mode, gstreamer display the image correctly but when using the 12 bits one I just get a black screen.
The problem’s not from the sensor. When I select the 10 bits mode with gstreamer but send 12 bits data with the sensor, an image is displayed albeit ugly (but that’s normal).
I can also save raw12 images using v4l2-ctl normally.

I’m using a driver that we developed ourselves and running the “v4l2-ctl --list-formats” command shows that the 10 bits and 12 bits modes are both recognized.

Do gstreamer, nvarguscamera and the nano’s ISP need anything special to process raw12 images?


No need any special setting for raw12 support.

Thanks for your answer. That’s all I needed to know.