Problem installation Fedora system hardware conflict between Tesla C870 and

hi everybody,
I’ve got a problem with fedora 8 (64 bit version) during the installation process. My hardware configuration is:
CPU: Intel Xeon 2.0 Ghz
primary display card: ATI Radeon 2600 PRO
secend card: NVIDIA Tesla C870.
When I try to install this system, at the begining some error messages appears like:
Nvidia corporation unknown device 0197
Can’t start up X server
Can’t open display “:1”
After that, the porcess falls into text mode. After the installaion some error appears and system dosen’t startup.
My question is, what should I do to correct install fedora 8 and to be able start up X server? I want to also install CUDA drivers to use it in some computation on Tesla card.
Should I try to eject the Tesla Card form PCI-e slot before, or is there any other way to disable this card and if it is, than how can it be reinstalled after. Please help me to resolve this problem. Show me the correct way.

OK, I’ve installed this system but I can’t to start up the starx. The system is runnig in text mode. Please, tell me how to configure this to work with starx (ATI Radeon 2600 for video out) and also using CUDA device on tesla?

remove Tesla card, configure X, have X working, install Tesla card, run nvidia-xconfig, try to start X again is the path I would take.