ATI radeon 2600 with Tesla C870 on Windows XP 64 How to configure to work and use CUDA 1.

Hi everybody,
I’m new, and I have a problem with setup tesla C870 working with display card ATI radeon 2600. I’m using windows xp 64 bit version on Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz. I want to use CUDA 1.1 to make some computation on Tesla GPU but when I install the driver (version 169.21) the system restarts during installation process. The ATI drivers have been installed before this operation. My question is, what should be done to fixed this problem?
thanks for quick response.
PS. sorry for my English.

I believe you need an NVIDIA card for the drivers to work, and will not be able to get your configuration to work

So, you mean that tesla C870 can only work together with NVIDIA dispaly card (i.e. GTX 8800)? Is there any chance to setup tesla card as an working cooprocesor for CPU and display adapter ati graphic card, both working under windows xp 64bit?

Yes, under windows you can have only 1 display-driver. So it is either ati or nvidia.
What you want can be done in linux, but not in any of the windows flavours as far as I know.

Thanks for respond, I’ll try this configuration under Linux as you say.