Problem installing CUDA 2.2 driver on RHEL 5.3

I just made a new build with the ASUS Z8PE-D18 motherboard with dual Xeon i7 CPUs,
then installed RHEL 5.3, and then installed the driver cudadriver_2.2_linux_64_185.18.08-beta.
When I start the computer, I get the NVIDIA logo screen with “Beta Driver” in red.
However, when I login in X, there is no NVIDIA control center in the Applications menu.
Also, I am getting resolution of 1200x800, while using a PNY NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295 x1
graphics card that is capabale of 2560x1600 max resolution.


  1. Are there know issues for the above setup?

  2. If not, how do I get the NVIDIA control center to display in Applications, and how do I set the
    resolution to 2560x1600 (I am using a 30-inch Dell monior that was detected correctly in CUDA 2.1)

  3. Should I have used “linux pci=nomsi” when installing RHEL 5.3 on this motherboard or some
    other parameters?

Thank you!

I believe it is now in the settings or configuration menu (the rightmost menu of the three)