will NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295 x1 work with the CUDA 2.2 driver or do I have to install the display driv

I am having problems getting an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295 x1 graphics card to
work with the CUDA 2.2 driver on RHEL 5.3 64-bit.

My questions:

  1. Is it confirmed that this graphics card is compatible with the
    CUDA 2.2 driver 185.18.08 Beta?

  2. Shall I first install the regular NVIDIA 180.51 graphics card driver
    for Linux 64-bit, and then the CUDA 2.2 driver?

Thank you very much!

185.18.08 should work fine (pretty sure I’ve installed it myself on a 295, actually)

If I first install the driver 180.51 to make sure that the graphics card works at 2560x1600,
do I have to then uninstall this driver before installing 185.18.08 Beta for CUDA 2.2?

If so, what is the pro0cedure for uninstalling it?

Otherwise, will installing 185.18.08 Beta on top of 180.51 work in terms of
both 2560x1600 graphics on the video card and CUDA computations on
two Tesla 1060 cards?

185.18.08 does work with 295 x1, but the max resolution that I am getting on

a 30-inch Dell monitor is 1280x800 (as shown in the NVIDIA X Server Display Configuration),

while this graphics card should be capable of 1920x1200 resolution:


and the monitor can go up to 2560x1600.

Two questions:

  1. How to achieve 1920x1200 resolution from this graphics card with CUDA 2.2?

If the reduced resolution is a bug in the CUDA 2.2 driver, could you please increase it to


  1. Can you point me to another NVIDIA single-slot card that will be PCI-E x1 and

capable of 2560x1600 under the CUDA 2.2 driver?

  1. If such an NVIDIA card does not exist, can I use an ATI graphics card that is

PCI-E x1? Will running an ATI graphics driver be OK while the CUDA 2.2 driver is running?

Thank you!