Do I need to download NVIDIA driver for onboard GPU if I am to use CUDA?

I just finished installing RHEL 5.3 on a new build that uses the Foxconn Destroyer motherboard.
So far I have only the onboard GPU, which is NVIDIA GeForce 8200 and is supposed to be able to
produce max resolution of 1920x1200, but RHEL 5.3 assigns it to a VESA driver that results in a much
lower resolution.

Since I intend to use this system with one or more Tesla C1060 cards, such that the monitor will be driven by the
onboard GPU, do I need to install a separate NVIDIA driver to be able to get the max resolution of 1920x1200, or
will installing CUDA 2.2 allow me to get the max resolution of 1920x1200?

Thank you!

AFAIK as someone new to cuda:
Installing the “normal” drivers will be enough. However, it is my understanding that all recent drivers are cuda-enabled (so that end-users will be able to benefit from cuda too) so there’s not really a difference.
You’ll need the cuda sdk however to develop against the teslas, but that doesn’t have anything to do with you resolution.

install CUDA 2.1 along with 180.22, and you’ll be good.

A new driver, 180.29, has just been released.

Does it make sense to install it instead of the 180.22?