Problem running (installing) Cuda in Backtrack....

I’m currently trying to install NVIDIA drivers and Cuda in Backtrack, i tried it with this tutorial:

the thing is, when i come to this point:


i get this error:

./ line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
./ line 1: `bplist00� _ t
                   � �na�LYt�0�ҝ� *{��l B�T9 ���W�4���5ƒ�#��a�ܧ���=2 û; ��3UR�j�n���d� �� ��|�)����d�́�bNpq���4��; ҼueK�1@�>f�'�ɹ!��� =Nz���M�q�g;�9k�� �Ȫzb�'&��Ѵ�:�NQ��M�Y��0�䪗����ջK�K$��>�'ڸ�'t����ˁ����vݜ�=)���fu ��^ӖV6qԱ �B� ��w �V,;爙<�ܐ>j��J&r�<2ă�ݝϐE>YU-˫ � ��� Wՙ�ݕoo �a �rA�A �rg���Qu�9�Y���%��o,4d� 8�"�Cu/-+��9�s�mRNQG4�ރ��� )##�MfK�#�\�
                                J�Ғ�ɲ�������v���v7�g A� ��La����+��bB���'�UN��j�Hw9�{W*��OGrI%eUe`Iq� �U��e+�`�H\�湫�QW:���

i googled a lot, but couldn’t find a solution :(

Are you sure the package is complete download? Can it be installed on other Linux distro, such like Ubuntu? In addition you can try to extract toolkit and sample package by -extract flag. Then install CUDA toolkit and samples respectively.