problem with compile undefined reference to

eddy@tesla:~/learn$ nvcc -o test
/tmp/tmpxft_000040e3_00000000-11_bunkove.o: In function main': tmpxft_000040e3_00000000-10_bunkove.ii:(.text+0x354): undefined reference to cutFindFilePath’
tmpxft_000040e3_00000000-10_bunkove.ii:(.text+0x372): undefined reference to `cutLoadPPMub’
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
eddy@tesla:~/learn$ ./test
bash: ./test: No such file or directory

I have problem with compile my program. I used library cutil.h and function cutLoadPPMub for reading picture. Please somebody help me :) …

You need to link with the cutil library from the SDK…



I am sorry but i don´t know how…


BTW: I am programing on school computer, so I am not root but I may ask my teacher for root account… I think SDK is on a root…

so when I will be root… How can I link cutil library from the SDK?

for example, I install SDK in /usr/local (if it is installed in /root/, then copy it into /sur/local)

then I can add include path


and library path

-L/usr/local/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK/C/lib -lcutil

into nvcc

It´s work!!! Thank you very mutch! :)