nvcc -cuda with cutil problems with calling cutil functions

I got a file a.cu compile with -cuda

The file a.cu contains calls to cutil functions

nvcc -cuda -I $(SDK)/common/inc a.cu

and then compiled with gcc

gcc -o a.cu.o -I $(SDK)/common/inc -L $(CUDA)/lib -lcudart -L $(SDK)/lib -lcutil a.cu.c

everything looks fine to me, but it doesn’t work with error messages “undefined reference” to those cutil functions.

I couldn’t understand why can’t the compiler find the cutil functions. Does any see any problems with the way i compile? I’m using Fedora Core 8 btw.

erm, I think I put into the wrong forum (due to opening multiple windows), should I post this in the computing forum now?

cutil is part of the SDK.

nvcc -I (SDK)/common/inc a.cu -L (SDK)/lib -lcutil