problem with Jetson TX1 TEGRA_CAMERA_PORT_CSI_A connect to e3326 OV5693

Hi all:
we have two e3326 OV5693 connect TEGRA_CAMERA_PORT_CSI_A,TEGRA_CAMERA_PORT_CSI_C.
TEGRA_CAMERA_PORT_CSI_A+OV5693 use gpio5(Reset),gpio6(PowerDn),i2c0 0x36
TEGRA_CAMERA_PORT_CSI_C+OV5693 use gpio4(Reset),gpio7(PowerDn),i2cx 0x36
we modify device-tree, but no video output, all green frame, we found that seems powerDn no output.

Can someone tell me how to modify device-tree to enable two e3326_ov5693 cameras?

You have two HW boards with single ov5693 or single HW board with two ov5693?
You can reference to the tegra210-jetson-cv-camera-e3333-a00.dtsi to modify it and you can reference to below document.


Is the link is ok?
I can not open it

Please download the document from below link and reference to the “Sensor Driver Programming Guide” chapter