Problems with ROS in Jetson Nano Version 18.04

Hello, I have a jetson Nano with ubuntu 18.4 (jetpack 4.6) and I am starting to work with ROS and Gazebo. I was able to install the software without problem. But now that I wanted to work with a simulation I get this error. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ???

That’s because cv_bridge is not installed
sudo apt install ros-melodic-cv-bridge

Try what you tell me and it tells me that you have it installed and the most recent. In forums he told me that it was the OpenCV route and I tried to solve it that way and it did not work!

Is OpenCV installed? If not, I suggest that you build it from scratch using the script provided by Q-Engineering. This will compile OpenCV with the GPU enabled. Install OpenCV 4.5 on Jetson Nano - Q-engineering

check and if I have OpenCV installed, in the photo you can see the version. Should I update it to 4.5? and if so, would you have to delete the current version?

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