Profile creation and distribution


We would like to ease the use of NVidia cards for the customers of our CAD application.
NVAPI seems to make it possible to create customized profiles.
According to the examples in the documentation, there are apparently two ways to deal with profiles:
One is to grab an existing profile (e.g. the base profile) edit it and save it into the “system”.
The second would apparently be to save the profile in a file and load that profile from the application.
In the latter case the profile file would needed to be distributed and installed with the application.

Some questions about that:

  • The example code for enumerating the installed profiles show a huge number of installed profiles.
    What is the advantage to distribute such a profile through Nvidia instead of installing it with the application itself?
    Our guess would be that it would make it possible to edit a such distributed profile to be edited with the Nvidia systems tools for hardware that has not been supported by the application itself.
    But how could such profiles be choosen when they are made invisible by the profiles’ settings?

  • If there would be an advantage in letting Nvidia distribute the profile, how is this to be done?
    Would we need an agreement with Nvidia?
    How long would it take to get the profile distributed in an updated driver?
    Could we update such a profile continuously for future driver updates?
    Would we need this misterious NVAPI NDA for it?
    How would we get that NDA version of NVAPI?

Can somebody please shed some light on these topics?

Best regards,