Profiler for TK1

I want to do profiling of my algorithm. I have went through video which is on the site for profiler. but no step by step explanation provided there. I have gone through gprof also, it is giving all results as 0. so i am trying to use nvidia profiler. i want to know the steps to be followed for profiling using nvidia profiler on TK1.
Additional Information - Code is developed using OpenCV C++
Thanks in adavance.


Could you try if nvprof is sufficient for your requirement?


i have tried nvprof. as nvprof knows how to profile CUDA kernels running on NVIDIA GPUs,i am getting message on terminal as no CUDA application was profiled,exiting
my application does not make use of CUDA.
Are there any other alternative profiling tools which could be used specifically for Jetson TK1 (for non-CUDA based applications) ?
is there is any useful link which states the procedure to achieve the same with explanation of every step?

Hi sanket.kanzarkar,

We don’t have other profiling tool for none CUDA usage, you may try sudo ./tegrastats for system performance.


Hi, Kayccc
So you mean to say that for profiling my non cuda based algorithm I can’t use any other profiler?


Please try NVIDIA system profiler:


Did you start and stop cuda profiler ? You may check this old post.