Proper way of handling 'newfile' or other Fortran 2008 feat.

If my current code has something like

open(newfile= …) (which I understand is not supported yet in latest PG compiler, please correct if I am wrong)

I know that in C I can use the ‘ifdef’ preprocessor macros to handle choice of compiler (& using -D options in a Makefile). I understand I could likely do the same with Preprocessor option.

Is that basically the best way to handle code for soon to be supported features? I’m basically rewriting a lot of code to Fortran 2008 standard.


Hi Kevin,

In general, conditional compilation via preprocessor macros is the best method to handle portability issues across compilers and systems. Granted, C style macros are not standard Fortran, they are widely accepted. Also, external utilities such as cpp/fpp can be used instead.

As for our F2008 plans, we’re just starting the planning process and will most likely start with some of the easier features such as newline. In order of priority, what F2008 would you like to see?