Provide driver for muslc, to install it in musl distros

NVIDIA, PLEASE provide a driver that is compatible with the musl library. You just need to compile your drivers with different flags and people can use them in e.g. Alpine Linux. Let them be unofficial, but at least this way. I don’t think it’s that hard to do.


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Thanks for giving input, I will check internally with team about the possibility and get back to you.


Thanks, I’ll be waiting for your reply

I’m also very interested in having musl-compatible drivers.

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It’s been over two weeks, is there any news?

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Any update on this?

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We had discussed internally about the requested feature and it is not going to be implemented at this moment.
Thank you for the understanding and apologizes for not considering the request at this moment.

Sadly… I will hope for improvement in nouveau.
Please improve at least the Wayland support (especially sway), it is terrible.

I would also like to see support for musl libc, not sure why this is not epic… (i don’t think this is a feature request) ;)

Alpine Linux makes for great containers… low overhead, quick startups.

being able to tap into nvidia cuda cores for data science and other compute operations would be a huge benefit to developers and ideal in data centers.

The Docker world is absolutely begging for you to do this. There are so many great Alpine-based containers of applications that have GPU capabilities to greatly enhance their functionality. They’re going to waste and are at a huge disadvantage. Don’t you think it’s time?

It may seem like there are not a lot of vocal users on this subject, that’s because they’re all in countless open-source project communities and discord/matrix servers that you’ll never see out in the open. Make no mistake, this is a huge frustration across all communities.

Same thing here. 2X RTX 4000. Can’t be fully utilized. Nouveau drivers is very limited. Can’t use nvidia-docker2

It’s 2024 now and still nothing :(. Great Alpine based containers with AI functionality just wasting away. And all forms of Linux are seeing a huge push these days thanks to Valve and ridiculous privacy laws along with a surge in self-hosting applications for the same reasons. Crazy Nvidia isn’t trying to dominate every one of them.

Wayland will see HDR support before Alpine even gets a driver makeable by a few clicks at this rate. Straight insanity