PS3 Gaming Consoles and PS3 RSX graphics by nvidia & Sony Inc.!

As you may know there is a major problem with all PS3 consoles and its NVidia and Sony’s RSX graphics chip-set that gets soldered down on sony’s PS3 design gaming consoles, i have experience some major issues coming from the chip-set itself due to a problem in the chip-set that allows between the RSX chip-set and the PS3 console motherboard to output the audio through either a AV input connection, HDMI connection and Fiber Optical Out connection. This has been occurring over 5 to 10 years when Sony made the announcement that the PS3 was getting its major release that hit gaming shops and retail store’s, as you may notice or experience when you play Metal Gear Solid PS or PSone game title on PS3 you will experience lots of high pitch noises due to a major flaw or a manufacturing defect in all Nvidia RSX graphics chip-set’s made by nvidia, however nvidia does not want to come out and explain that this is the same occurrence happening with all 600, 700, 800, 900 and newer nvidia 1000 PCIE video cards that nvidia is designing during manufacturer or in development phase, also to notice this also happens when you play other titles or PS1 games that consumer’s purchase through retail venders and store’s.

Another thing to warn graphics card owner’s is that when playing some older legacy PC games such as Red Faction 1, Red Faction II and other games such as Red Faction Guerrilla, you will notice a major flaw in all newer nvidia graphics card driver’s being listed on nvidia’s geforce driver web-page and the reason that nvidia does not want to look into those newer or pass release driver’s is because when you launch the said games listed above, you will notice a 8MB Error message and there is a bug in all nvidia driver’s that communicate to any legacy or newer marketing PC, Linux and Mac version games to any said nvidia, Evga and Zotac brand video cards when playing those said games listed above weather you get that 8MB error message or not there is also a graphics glitch happening as soon as you launch the said games and this may occur with other games as well, to all graphics card owner’s this does also happens when you download the software vender’s demo version or testing version of those games or any game for that matter and this might occur with demo versions as well as the main retail versions of those games or any game for this major problem, i urge to nvidia to fix these issues and with there driver’s being listed on nvidia and geforce driver web-page or i will file some series legal issues with the nvidia, the game maker’s when the game designer’s has nothing to do with these issue’s happening or i Take both Nvidia and Intel to legal court action citing legal issues with all there graphics development problems due to a major flaw in newer graphics cards when before nvidia send there newer GPU cards to hit retail stores and shops!!!

To all Playstation console gamer’s and owner’s or purchase Sony’s license gaming consoles and accessories, you will need to return all PS3 gaming consoles due to a major flaw in the RX nvidia chip-set chips as nvidia will have to contact Sony Interactive entertainment and Sony Consumer Affair’s with a hand written letter due to a major critical problem happening with all RSX Nvidia graphics chip-set chips, i would advise playstation gamer’s to try to go to the next gaming console up which is Playstation 4 console since Playstation 5 will soon get release till sony make’s some kind of official announcement releasing the PS5 gaming console in a couple more year’s down the road, also you will notice some issue’s happening with all Nvidia’s RSX graphics chipset when playing games like metal gear solid and other games like Syphon Filter 2 and Syphon Filter 3, however as you might also be aware of this could happen to other PS1, PS2 games as well as some PS3 games but this is still an on going matter the both nvidia and sony need to step in and address these concerns, thank you so much!!! :) :D