PTC Creo Performance Issue


we have some Performance Issues with PTC Creo and Nvidia K2 with the K260 profile.

is there anybody who has the same problems?

regards Alex

Hi Alex,

We have several case studies on CREO that were a success and pulic e.g. Georgia tech, La Cite, plus other customers I can’t name… there isn’t enough description of a) your environment or b) the actual issue to guess…

We need details of OS, hypervisor version, virtualisation stack (XD/XA/View versions), end clients, RAM, CPU, vCPUs and RAM per VM, version of Creo etc… how big are your parts relative to card FB (framebuffer) etc… what is the server etc… how many K2’s, what’s the GHz of the CPU, total server CPU/RAM.

How have you determined it’s a vGPU issue, can you try and equivalent Quadro GPU on pass-through if you have one lying around to eliminate vGPU stack. How are you determining an issue etc… a K260Q roughly similar to a K4000.

Best wishes,

Hi Rachel,

sorry for the late late respons.
Our Environment is:
Citrix XenDesktop 7.8
Nvidia K2 with K240Q profile
any XenDesktop has 21GB RAM and 8 GPUs (3,50Ghz)
We use Citrix Provisioning Services
The Driver Version for the Grid Card is: 348.27

We use PTC Creo Version 2 with custom settings in Creo (config file)
these settings make the VDI very slow:
blended_transparency independent
skip_small_surfaces yes
edge_display_quality high
spin_with_part_entities yes

On a pysical Dekstop (HP Z420 with K4000) works very well.
On other pysical Desktops with an AMD graphic card it works very well to.

We use for the virutal Desktops the lossless Compression in our network.
when the user comes from external (netscaler) we use the H264 codec.

however, the performance is very slow.

Hi Alex

When you say "performance is very slow", could you elaborate on that please? Where and how is it slow? What issues are you seeing?

Would you mind confirming the following for us please? Sorry, lots of questions I’m affraid, but also a few things for you to try:


  • Which Desktop Operating System are you using?
  • Which Hypervisor are you running?
  • What’s the general system performance and usability like? (Operating System / Application opening time / Data load time etc)
  • What kind of storage is your application data located on?
  • What kind of network performance do you have to your data?

Provisioning Services

  • Which version of PVS are you using?
  • Is it physical or virtual?
  • What’s your CPU and RAM on the PVS?
  • What’s the PVS network configuration?
  • Where are your vDisk Images stored?
  • Any Storage IO acceleration technologies? (Flash / Caching etc)

System Hardware

  • With 3.5Ghz, your VM CPU speed is good, no issues there.

  • The K240Q Profile only has 1GB of FrameBuffer. I’d be tempted to use the K260Q at a minimum, maybe even the K280Q or full Passthrough depending on your workload. You’ll have to monitor the GPU for usage and decide which profile fits your workload if you haven’t already done so. In terms of FrameBuffer, a K4000 is between a K260Q and K280Q / Full Passthrough, and it’s a dedicated Card, unlike a K2 which is shared between other users / workloads.

  • 21GB RAM is a little unusual, typically I’d expect to see multiples like 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 etc. Maybe that’s just my old way of thinking, but as long as you have enough in the VM, then no worries :-)

Citrix Policies

  • Are you able to show us exactly which settings are being applied?
  • Rather than use full Lossless Compression, it is very beneficial to performance if you enable the "Allow Visually Lossless Compression" setting.


  • Are they MPX, SDX or VPX?
  • Have you tuned them for XenDesktop / ICA workloads?
  • Which version of firmware are they?
  • When accessing the VMs internally, do you go through the Netscalers or direct to Storefront?


  • Have you tried accessing the desktops using RDP rather than ICA just to compare differences?
  • Have you carried out any resource monitoring?

I know that seems quite a bit, but everything I’ve asked above can impact your performance, so in order to answer you efficiently, we do need to know that little lot :-)



Hi Ben,
sorry for the late response.

We have analyzed witch kind of issue we have. When Creo starts we load some central settings. Without this settings we have no issues.
The performance when we turn some models is very. We can also see the Creo not use the graficard gpu :(