Purpose of this Discourse forum

I’ve been following a number of threads in the #gpu-graphics:linux category over the past few days.

When I signed up to the forum’s predecessor a while ago (several years now, probably…), I was under the impression that this was intended as a way to report/track/diagnose bugs in the driver itself, rather than as a place for general technical support issues.

I guess my feedback is whether the purpose and target/intended audience of the forum should be made clear, so that support requests can be directed to the places best suited to provide the support people need. This should also reduce the amount of duplicated effort (e.g. cross-posts between various places) as well as noise that NVIDIA developers have to sift through (the more noise, the less likely to visit or engage).

As some examples, threads that I was under the impression kind of belonged here (though that might be clarified):

And some examples that should have just been directed towards other support routes: