Pysdf problem

Hi, I want to use the STL geometry support, but I got the error:
“ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pysdf.sdf’; ‘pysdf’ is not a package”
It is said that “Make sure ‘’ is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and pysdf is installed”
I have installed the pysdf and I can import pysdf. But I cannot find the position of
How can I put the ‘’ into the LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

I am using the docker with driver version of 525.116.04 and CUDA version of 12.0. BTW, I also want to know how to get the version of the modulus I am using.

Thank you!

Hi @zhangzhenthu

This is inside the docker container? Which version?

PySDF is only available/supported inside the Modulus docker container.

You can get the version of modulus packages using (e.g. modulus core)

>>> import modulus
>>> modulus.__version__