Python Stopped Working on Switiching to GPU , Mxnet

Hi I am trying to setup my machine learning environment on AWS as follows :-

OS: windows server 2012 r2 , 64 bit
instance: p2.xlarge
CUDA: 9.2.148
Graphis driver: 398.26 (installed by cuda toolkit)
python : 3.5 ( tested using 2.7.15 as well) ,64 bit
IDE: Pycharm Community 2018.2, 64 bit
mxnet librabry: mxnet-cu92

now when I run following code :

import mxnet as mx
from mxnet import nd
z = nd.ones(shape=(3,3), ctx=mx.cpu())

it works fine , but when I change ctx=mx.gpu() or ctx=mx.gpu(0) , I get error python stopped working.

cuda setup is working fine I compiled and ran deviceQuery , bandwidthTest sample application, these are giving output as expected.

any idea for resolving this issue.