Pytorch-CUDA 11.8 for Jetson AGX Orin

Hello everyone,

I am working on a Jetson AGX orin 32GB platform with jetpack 5.1 installed. I have to updated CUDA on my jetson to 11.8 and updated all my settings to CUDA 11.8.

I have checked that when I type nvcc --version points to CUDA 11.8 and even the soft link to /usr/local/cuda and /usr/local/cuda-11 are pointed to /usr/local/cuda-11.8

And then I installed pytorch using the instructions given here

But when I type torch.version.cuda it outputs 11.4 and when I try to install pytorch-3d, I’m facing issues with this. Because it says pytorch is build for CUDA-11.4 but pytorch-3d is trying to build for CUDA-11.8.

Could anyone help me solve this issue.


@rahulswa if you want everything to be on CUDA 11.8, you would need to rebuild PyTorch with CUDA 11.8 instead. Or build pytorch-3d with CUDA 11.4 instead. If you go with the former, you can find instructions on building PyTorch from source in this thread:

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