Quadro and tesla

Hello, I am a doctoral student. I am working with ANSYS dynamic simulations.
I tried to combine Tesla K80 and 1080Ti together in a same pc. I worked a lot and succeeded. I set up a liquid cooling on Tesla and cooling is very good. I have a 1200 W PSU.
I know Geforce and Tesla use different driver family. And I know there will be performance issues. Because of these issues i want to ask you some questions;

  1. Can I combine Tesla K80 and RTX 4000 in a same pc? I’m not sure about their driver family. One uses Tesla drivers and the other uses Quadro drivers. Bu i think if i could be able to run Geforce and Tesla together so why not Quadro and Tesla.
  2. If i can use Tesla and RTX together will i connect them with SLI cable or will they work indepently from each other?
  3. Is the NVIDIA RTX 4000 same with PNY RTX 4000? Or PNY is a different card.