Quadro comparision quadro 2000 vs quadro 4000

hey guys please help me with quadro i am very confuse to buy quadro 2000 or 4000 , but someone told me that if i buy 2 quadro 2000 in the place of 1 quadro 4000 it give me a supap perfomance , he means it give you more perfomance than quadro 4000
is it possible
bcose quadro 4000 is 256 cuda core and quadro 2000 is 192 , so if i use 2 quadro 2000 so my memory is 284 cuda core , more that quadro 4000
so is that possible ?

It all depends upon the kind of problem you want to solve. If the problem will fit on one GPU, it is better to leave it on one and have the fastest GPU possible. If it cannot fit on 1 GPU, then you’ll need two.