Quadro NVS 440 - fc17/304.51 -> fc20/304.116 - now can't see all four displays, only three coming

Upgraded from a fc17 x86_64 install with 304.51 to a clean install of fc20 w/ 304.116 (same symptom with RPMFusion 304.108).

Now I only have three displays functional. I’ve had this card for several years and it has always worked smoothly, but with this upgrade, it no longer functions as a quad-head card.

The Xorg.0.log output clearly shows it seeing all four monitors, it just looks like it never tries to activate the second monitor on GPU-1.

Bug report file linked below.


Turns out, it had something to do with the particular monitor. Even though I had three identical models, something about that particular display would not come online. Replacing with another identical 2007-WFFb unit worked perfectly. Really odd that it worked perfectly before, and would also work fine if I switched cables after X server startup, just wouldn’t work during startup.