Query on Tesla K20

Dear All,

I have the following query on NVIDIA Tesla K20 card.

a) Why is there no VGA port on this card to connect the monitor?

b) I have installed this card on my Supermicro X9DRG-QF server machine which also has onboard Matrox G200 graphics processor. Now I want to use the Tesla K20 for openGL based Paraview application. Now if I disable the onboard graphics via motherboard jumper setting so as to use the K20 graphics card, I am not able to see any display on monitor. How do I use the K20 card for display and for rendering openGL application (for eg Paraview)?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

B Dutta

NVIDIA Tesla boards are meant for GPU computing:

NVIDIA Quadro boards are meant for professional workstation graphics (and GPU computing):