question about boot from usb on xavier and using rootfs on usb disk

Hi :

I have question about boot from usb and mount usb rootfs.

I use the follow command to make usb boot system

sudo ./ --no-flash -k kernel jetson-xavier sda3
sudo ./ --no-flash -k kernel-dtb jetson-xavier sda3

sudo lshw -quiet -short -c disk
sudo parted /dev/sdc mklabel gpt
sudo parted /dev/sdc mkpart kernel 0MB 64MB
sudo parted /dev/sdc mkpart kernel-dtb 64MB 65MB
sudo parted /dev/sdc mkpart APP 64MB 9281MB
sudo parted /dev/sdc unit s print
sudo dd if=boot_sigheader.img.encrypt of=/dev/sdc1
sudo dd if=tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000_sigheader.dtb.encrypt of=/dev/sdc2
sudo dd if=system.img.raw of=/dev/sdc3

But, it can’t boot successfully, is there any step missing or wrong ?

Hi boyi_liao,

Actually, there is no way to run rootfs on external storage. Not sure why you put system.img.raw to drive. Only kernel and kerenl-dtb can be boot from external storage (sd/usb/ethernet).

Please ignore my comment at this moment. Seems some problems.

sudo dd if=system.img.raw of=/dev/sdc3

Instead of system.img.raw, I think you need to put the whole rootfs file into it.

Hi wayneWWW:

finally, i copy the rootfs files to /dev/sdc3 partition,and mkfs this partition to ext4 first.