Question about nvmlDeviceGetPowerUsage_v2 with H100


I found that nvmlDeviceGetPowerUsage_v2 API was added to NVML v535 to retrieve current power usage, which is newer version of older nvmlDeviceGetPowerUsage (v1) API.

However, I cannot call nvmlDeviceGetPowerUsage_v2 API. I am using NVML v550.54.15 shipped with CUDA 12.4, with H100 GPU and V100 GPU. However, nvmlDeviceGetPowerUsage_v2 API cannot be called, and it returns error (NVML_ERROR_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND).

So, would you address following questions? I didn’t find any docs for this.

  1. What NVML version do I need for H100 support?
  2. What NVML version do I need for V100 support?