Question about updated VSLAM features

I saw some updates were uploaded to the VSLAM system. I have some questions.

  1. Are multiple sets of stereo cameras now functional? I see a place to add a specific number of cameras.

  2. What does the service: SetSlamPose do?


Can this be used to initialize the starting orientation and position of the system or is it something else? Also it’s not clear at all what the note means since if SLAM node was enabled, the setting would be true?

Hi @lowellm

Thank you for your message. We have updated the documentation for Isaac ROS 3.0. I will reply question by question below.

With Isaac ROS 3.0 VSLAM support, now multiple stereo cameras are supported. The minimum number of stereo cameras is 1, and the maximum is 16.

From: cuVSLAM — isaac_ros_docs documentation

cuVSLAM does not just work with a single stereo camera. It is possible to use up to 32 cameras (=16 stereo cameras) as input. Using multiple cameras can significantly increase robustness, especially in featureless environments.

The documentation report for Isaac ROS vslam services

ROS Service Interface Description
visual_slam/set_slam_pose isaac_ros_visual_slam_interfaces/SetSlamPose A service to set the estimated SLAM pose of the base_frame.

Yes, can be used to set a new starting base_frame pose

Which note are you referring?

I hope I helped you,

When setting up more than one stereo camera, is each pair sequentially numbered cameras? IE 0-1, 2-3, etc for stereo pairs?

About the note, at the bottom of the page it says note:

visual_slam/set_slam_pose only works in SLAM mode i.e. set enable_localization_n_mapping = false

Which is the opposite of SLAM mode being on?

Hi! That’s right, it should be set to true i.e. enable_localization_n_mapping = true. This will be updated in the documentation.

Regarding stereo camera numbering - yes, each pair is sequentially numbered.