vSlam Odometry Pose Service and Apriltag integration


I am grateful for the amazing project Isaac ROS vSLam you have created.
I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

Firstly, I would appreciate it if you could explain the usage and purpose of the visual_slam/set_odometry_pose ROS Service in detail.

Secondly, is it possible to integrate the Isaac Apriltag Detection Node?
Specifically, I would like to know if it’s possible to add Apriltag poses as constraints to the SLAM graph by utilizing the transformation between the April tags and the Odom. For instance, if the tag is within the camera’s field of view and its position relative to the camera is estimated, can I add the pose of the AprilTag in the odom frame using visual_slam/set_odometry_pose service for this purpose?

Thank you.

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Hi @daniil.khaninaev

Thank you for your awesome post! :-) Let’s go to reply to your questions

  1. This ROS2 service allows resetting the visual slam to a new pose by specifying new coordinates, instead of starting from 0,0,0.
  2. You currently need an additional stage to combine the outputs from apriltag and vslam, but Isaac ROS VSLAM does not integrate apriltags as fiducials to determine position. Like you written, a middle node can reset the vslam when you evaluate the coordinate from the apriltag node.

I hope I replied your question, otherwise let me know :-)


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Wow! Hi!
Raffaello, I am delighted to receive a direct response from you!

Yes, exactly. I will implement the intermediate node and consider creating a layout of Apriltag positions in the global frame. When an AprilTag is detected and given that the global locations of the tags are available based on the predefined map, local coordinates from the Isaac Apriltag node can be translated to global coordinates.

Thank you so much for your reply!

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