Question: Linux driver 10-bit color depth support


I’m looking to ensure that 10-bit color depth support is enabled. I have a GeForce 3060ti on a Ubuntu 22.04 box running the latest drivers 525.105.17. I’ve followed HOWTO enable 10-bit color on Linux - LinuxReviews . However, in the NVIDIA settings control panel, under Dithering Controls, Depth, I’m only getting Auto, 6-bpc, and 8-bpc options. However, xwininfo -root indicates Depth: 30 and Visual Class: TrueColor.

Please let me know how I can confirm that 10-bit color depth is enabled. Should I expect to see 10-bpc in the drop down menu in the control panel when supported?


No. Dithering should be set to “off” when 10bit displays are used, this is only for 6/8bpp displays.
To know whether really 10bpp are sent over the wire, I guess you need to use a 10bit test picture and check whether banding occurs.

30-bit or 10-bpc support under Linux is still very experimental and prone to problems. Gnome is making some progress under Wayland but overall the 10bit colour situation and likewise HDR are for the most part a no show under Linux.

It is a bit disappointing given Windows has had super functional 10bit and HDR support for quite some time now. Maybe there is just not enough interest under Linux to do it since the platform is MOSTLY used for programmer productivity and not media.

I appreciate the feedback. Both MacOS and Windows have very functional 10-bit and HDR support. It appears RedHat needs to step it up in this regard, especially if the industry is moving to HDR.

Yes there are many things that Windows does spectacularly, and linux only just starting to dip its toe in.

It gets there in the end I guess… slowly. The echo system is extremely developer focused and NOT desktop user focused, hence the lack in exotic (now normal) features such as 10/12bit modes and HDR/AutoHDR, fully working VRR modes… etc.