Question on deepstream meta data

We are now facing some memory leak issue which we doubt might be related to meta data handling.

In our implementation, we added some meta info to frame and called the nvds_add_user_meta_to_frame function.
we also called other functions to add meta info, such as nvds_add_user_meta_to_obj.
In the nvdsmeta.h , we can find many “remove function API”.

So is it needed to call nvds_remove_user_meta_from_frame to release the meta info?
If we do nothing for this meta info , will it leak to memory leak issue ?
If true, how to remove the meta info?

Thanks a lot!

Suppose meta data will be release when gstbuffer be unref to refer count to 0.

Did you mean the meta data memory would be automatically released once the associated gstbuffer is unrefed to count 0, so no need to explicitly free it?
Then I am confused on what’s the job of those ‘remove function APIs’ in nvdsmeta.h

Suppose API if for removing meta data before the gstbuffer unref to 0.

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