Question on training classification about VehicleTypeNet

When I use taotoolkit to train VehicleTypeNet, the process is completely stuck at this step. I didn’t encounter this error

To narrow down, please have a try in terminal instead of notebook.
$ tao classification run /bin/bash

Oh i try it and then terminal show it…

So, there is no problem. Now, you already run inside the docker.

Inside the docker, you can run
# classification train xxx

Or, you can exit it , and try run below again.
$ tao classification train xxx

Oh, I found that I can run it and see all logs in the terminal interface, but why now I cant run in the notebook?

May I know how did you trigger notebook?
Can you share screenshot or log?

Which part of the screenshots or logs can help you? I just did those things in the notebook like before… and found it all stuck at this step and can’t continue to train…

You can share the command which is used to trigger jupyter notebook.

like this?

Please try
jupyter notebook --ip --port 8888 --allow-root

Refer to TAO Toolkit Quick Start Guide — TAO Toolkit 3.21.11 documentation

Yeah, i triggered jupyter notebook like before… but found this error stuck at it

Very thx! and I’d like to know how to adjust the input shape when I take the VehicleTypeNet to classification if my classification number is smaller than 6(I’m a rookie… i just thought make 6 dir and make some of dir null)

For your latest error, I find that you already create a new topic.
Let us sync in that topic. About how to use classification (VehicleTypeNet)

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