question to klt tracker behavior

I wonder if the KLT tracker is reset on each object detection.

Considering the following example situation with a primary gie and a tracker, while the primary gie is applied to every fifth frame.

  1. Object Detector detects Object A and B in frame 1.
  2. In the following 4 frames the tracker tracks object A and B.
  3. In frame 6 the object detector only detects object A, although object B is still present in the frame.

As object A is detected again, the tracker will continue to track it with updated bounding box information, I guess. But how is object B handled? Is it discarded now or will the tracker continue to track it, if there is a high enough confidence?

Thanks in advance.


It will be discarded.

PrimaryGIE will reset the bounding box information in the metadata.
And tracker is only applied to the bounding box stored in the current frame.