Question, what doesn't work with 4.10?

I’ve seen the patch and I’d like to understand what is NOT working from the 4.10 kernel. I am currently using a deb-installed 4.10 kernel under ubuntu along with 378.13. I’m not having any issues. I wondered if something is not working I’m not using.

Also, I’m waiting for 4.11 for the KVM enhancements so also curious what isn’t working on that side as well.

Not sure if it is related, but I’ve got a system hanging with 4.10 and nvidia-375 if “nvidia-drm.modeset=1” inserted in kernel line.
I didn’t test nvidia-378.

@dbelyakin: Have you got a patch to make any version of nvidia-375 work with 4.10? I’m using 375.39 and the driver wouldn’t compile with 4.10.1-1 headers. Error I found: CPU_DOWN_FAILED is no longer defined – although it is used in line 75 of linux/cpu.h, go figure, at least that’s the first problem. Is it just a matter of removing the CPU_DOWN_FAILED case?


No, I’m just using packages from Manjaro repos. i think they already patched them as needed.

Hmmm, so is it just 375 and kernel 4.10 that has issues? It’s STILL very unclear what the patches are for and what is broken in 4.10.

I guess it’s irrelevant since I’m not experiencing anything.

Good for you! :) I mean to dig into the manjaro repos to see if I can figure out what the patch that they applied to 375.39 is. Something had to be done as NVIDIA’s package just won’t compile. It’s probably simple. The comment in the kernel commits around changes to one instance of CPU_DOWN_FAILED called it a dangerous status that shouldn’t happen, so maybe this is a case of fixing-by-excision.

I also find it amusing that the no-longer-defined value is still used in the same file (for another definition that clearly isn’t being used either!??) but IANA Kernel Developer, so beyond a gentle chuckle or two I’ll exercise the last point from Wittgenstein’s Tractatus over it.

If/when I get around to it again (I like having a working system including graphics, not a limbo-box) before NVIDIA posts a new version of the driver, and if I can get it working, I’ll be sure to post a patch.



I am using Manjaro stable latest with kernel 4.9.13/ NVIDIA 375.39 And Prime Sync enabled. Kernel 4.10 installs and loads without problems but is NOT compatible with modeset enabled. It crashes immediately with call traces. So I’m stuck on Kernel 4.9 until fixes are implemented.