Questions about deepstream docker images

form “” pull images.
<<docker pull>>

This informaiton :

  • Base : the DeepStream base container contains the plugins and libraries that are part of the DeepStream SDK along with dependencies such as CUDA, TensorRT, Gstreamer etc. This image should be used as the base image by users for creating docker images for their own DeepStream based applications. Note that the base images does not contain sample applications (deepstream:4.0.2-19.12-base)
  • Samples : The DeepStream samples container extends the base container to also include sample applications that are included in the DeepStream SDK along with associated config files, models and streams. It thereby provides a ready means by which to explore the DeepStream SDK using the samples. (deepstream:4.0.2-19.12-samples)

When I run the samples imags and run command “dpkg -l | grep TensorRT” , I found TensorRT not install. Why?


TensorRT library is is mounted from the host volume.
You can find it in /usr/src/tensorrt.