[R28.2 mmapi] NvBufferGetParams() cannot get dma_buf parameters from the recreated decoder capture_plane


I rewrote “08_video_dec_drm” to tested the results of the demo running the second time, using Nvbufferapi’s new NvBufferTransform() function instead of using Conv.

Print as follows:

nvbuf_utils: nvbuffer Payload Type not supported
NvBufferGetParams failed for src_dmabuf_fd
nvbuffer_transform Failed
Transform failed

So I also added a NvBufferGetParams() function to see if I could get the decoder capture_plane’s DMA_BUF parameters.
and NvBufferGetParams() returned -1, unable to get parameters.

My code is in the attachment, and the Run command is:

./video_dec_drm …/…/data/Video/sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.h264 H264 --disable-ui -s 4

08_video_dec_drm.rar (14.2 KB)

By the way, can you run the stress test parameters in “08_video_dec_drm” successfully in R24.2.3?
I am more concerned about this “-s” parameter, in which version can run successfully

thank you.

Hi li,
We will first check https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1038225/jetson-tx1/-r28-2-mmapi-crop-rects-right-out-of-boundary/post/5275045/#5275045

The option is not supported in r24.2.3 release.

Hi DaneLLL,

All right, thanks, wait for your reply.