R32.3.1 sdkmanager will flash a tx2-4g, flash.sh fails

tried to reflash my tx2-4g device with flash.sh it failed serial console gave the > Hung and was complaining about the dtb missing data.

This is after I loaded sources and changed the device tree, it is almost like flash messed up one of the device trees, I did remove all the device trees from bootloader and kernel/dtb and replaced my device tree, used flash.sh to put my device tree onto the system.

Did flash mess up because of a missing file that sdkmanager creating a brand new directory replace a needed file?

Looks like sdkmanager does something different than the flash.sh for the tx2-4g, because sdkmanager got the tx2-4g back up.

NOTICE I am back on r32.3.1, so my sdkmanager is not the most current.

hello terrysu50z,

the quickest way to have confirmation would be clear-up your r32.3.1 image completely, and download it again via SDKmanager.