R35.2.1 PCIe i210 throughput slow

@DaneLLL I have now tried R35.2.1 as suggested here [R35.1 PCIe i210 throughput slow - #12 by DaneLLL] but unfortunately I’m finding the same results as R35.1 i.e. there is slow Tx throughput on the PCIe.

I also see the same issue when flashing our board with ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc i.e. using the reference devkit device tree / root filesystem, so am thinking this isn’t a local configuration issue of some sort.

The issue seems specific to using i210. When we run dd command with NVMe SSD on 5.0.2, the performance is not expected. And there is improvement on 5.1. The issue may be specific to certain device. Is it possible to try NVMe SSD on your board?

Unfortunately not; the i210s are soldered down on our board.

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