RAW10 to RGB

How we can change the raw10 frame into RGB888 frames, since the raw10 frame will have the 4 pixel 5byte it means the 8 bits of the first pixel will be in first byte so how we can get RGB values.
Also is it possible to convert RGB to RAW10

Suppose need demosaic the raw10 then convert it to RGB888 by software.
For RGB to RAW maybe below can help.

Hi raw10 format is different then bayer filter array format(bggr) since it has 10 bits and no color information. How can we retrieve that color information.
As menitoned in the mipi compliance specifications raw10 will be line by line and has a pixel information only present in one byte and remaining two bits in another byte but how does it helps to have 3 channels rgb values. Please explain

Don’t have idea for this kind of format.


You may check TRM if TX2 able support that format.


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