Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 Nvidia-SMI command error

Server: PowerEdge R640 (GPUs can be seen in inventory)
ESXi: 8 (Passthrough setup)
VM: Red Hat Linux 8.6
Nvidia Graphics Card: A2 Tensor Core

Installed this driver (using offline parameters added to the command since the server cannot connect to the internet which is a requirement):

Data Center Driver For Linux RHEL 8

|Release Date:|2023.3.30|
|Operating System:|Linux 64-bit RHEL 8|
|CUDA Toolkit:|12.0|
|Language:|English (US)|
|File Size:|518.16 MB|

The lspci | grep -i nvidia command works but nvidia-smi command in the terminal results in an error (command not found in bash)

How to troubleshoot? Are there any additional steps to perform/check? Thank you in advance.