Redistributing FORTRAN binaries that link to


We recently upgrade our PGI from 12.4 to 14.2 (CentOS 6), and we want to redistribute the FORTRAN binaries we wrote compiled with the compiler.

Normally it simply means redistribute the binary with PGI runtime (redist folder), but after compiler upgrade, we noticed that some of our binaries are now linked to “” under libso folder and not in the redist folder. So we cannot redistribute those binaries without the receiving user/machine having a full PGI compiler installed.

Is this the way it suppose to be? We did not use any “special” acceleration features of PGI, just the normal optimization that we’ve been doing. If there is no way for us to redistribute this library (which seems to defeat the whole purpose of using PGI compiler for our work), perhaps someone can show us how to compile the binary that doesn’t have to link to this library please?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Jason,

Is this the way it suppose to be?

No, I think was just an oversight by our manufacturing folks. You can redistribute the library.

  • Mat