Linking in 12.2


I’m using version 12.2 of the PGI workstation compiler.

I suspect that my system admin may not have properly installed the compiler correctly on our workstation.

I am getting the following error during linking:

/share/apps/pgi/linux86-64/12.2/libso/ undefined reference to `__pgi_cu_close_noprof’
pgfortran-Fatal-linker completed with exit code 1

I will add that my code currently compile and link with no problems using version 11.10 of the PGI workstation compiler on the same system.

I’m using: ‘-V12.2 -i8 -i8storage -mcmodel=medium -Bdynamic -Mcuda -ta=nvidia,time -Minfo

Any ideas as to what is causing the link error?


Hi Sarom,

It’s our error and will be fixed in 12.3. The pgi_cu_close_noprof routine was removed from our runtime but we accidentally missed one reference. It’s a weak reference so is fine in the static library, but wants to be resolved in the shared library and thus the error.

  • Mat