Redistribution of TK1 debs and binaries

I’m looking into putting together a deb repository to host a version of ROS that is compiled against the TK1-optimized OpenCV libraries. I think this would be a great way to make it easier for robotics developers to get started and take advantage of the GPU acceleration features of the TK1.

The question is, am I allowed to redistribute the the NVIDIA cuda and opencv debs for the TK1? Given that they’re currently protected behind the CUDA developer program signup and login, it feels like NVIDIA doesn’t want them distributed publicly, but the CUDA software license appears to have a Linux/FreeBSD exception in it that would allow me to do exactly that:

I am not a lawyer, so it’s quite possible that my reading of the license agreement is flawed. Can anyone from NVIDIA give me a reasonable answer on this, or someone in NVIDIA’s legal department that I can talk to?