Reduce RAM usage?

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 which only uses about 300MB after bootup, with Raspbian Buster. Even with 64-bit Manjaoro for RPI4, ram usage is in the same order (300-400MB) with KDE environment. Why does the Jetson Nano use so much RAM after first boot? It’s close to 1.7y gigabytes, and seems slowly to rise up to 2.5 GB or so after a few hours of usage, even if closing all applications.

Is this because of Gnome? Ubuntu? Why can’t I bring it down to the same area as an RPI4? Or Can I?

Yes, Ubuntu uses that much RAM. When you run in “headless mode” (search the forum for this phrase) approx. 400MB is used after startup

Means the Nano really should have 6GB as standard. Even if more 50$ more expensive. When 2GB is gone right up front, doing anything is compromised. I speak from experience: Tensorflow resnet benchmark at one stage only had a couple of hundred MB to work with and was failing constantly.

I also had this question and searched for an answer.
I review SBC’s, and have many arm64 boards running Ubuntu.
I installed Mate Desktop(I hate unity) on the Nano image. And also see the amounts of ram usage as vergabook describers.
With other arm64 boards it uses about 600MB after boot normally with Ubuntu Mate. (NanoPi M4, Odroid N2, Khadas VIM3, …)
Is memory shared with the GPU or so? How is VRAM set?

Other boards with 2GBram/1GBZRam and VPU acceleration can handle a lot more webpage tabs than this while it’s got 4GB + 2GB zram.
No use in using a swap file since I’m using an sd-card.

Also wondered about what to use for 4K video playback. MPV does best, but no 4k.
Also wondered if Youtube playback could be improved in Chromium? It’s using hardware acc. But it performs a little worse than the RK3399 boards.

Also still looking to be able to record with USB camera at high resolutions without preview. I’m only getting 10fps/15fps max at 1080p.

But I only got it for a few days, and I’ll have to do a lot more research into it. I do like it a lot. I’ve been playing games at 4K. My ancient pc can’t do that.
Sorry for all the questions, and intervading this thread. I know this isn’t the way to go, but maybe someone’s willing to share knowledge.

I’ve just finished researching the NanoPi M4V2. That’s a lot less memory hungry, and great desktop experience. So I can make the video on that now, and then start with the Jetson Nano.
Greetings, NicoD @ Youtube